Family Coaching

What is Family Life Coaching?

It is a process by which one or more members of a family work directly with a coach to guide the members through simple or complex family matters. Those matters may include:

  • New parent struggles
  • Child/parent challenges
  • Poor or Lack of Communication between family members
  • Pre and/or Post Divorce challenges and decision-making
  • Single Parent and/or co-parent guidance

Why use a Family Life Coach?

A family coach can help a family member identify what the current problem is and strategize various solutions to the problem. A family coach is not a therapist trying to diagnose an illness and dissect past events. Rather, a family coach is a neutral, third party sounding board helping the member focus on the present challenge and creating an action plan to guide the member on a path of accountability and new, positive solutions.

What are the benefits of a Family Life Coach?

  • Stronger decision-making ability
  • Increased appreciation, respect, and communication between family members
  • Development of Peace among the family members
  • Confidence in finding solutions

What is the cost of a Family Life Coach?

Family Coaching begins with a FREE 30-minute consultation to determine the immediate challenge to focus on as well as the method by which the coaching will occur. Schedule your consultation by using our online scheduler.

Coaching is conducted in one hour sessions either virtually or in person.

Virtually (phone, Face Time, Zoom) $150

In Person (in client’s home, public place such as coffee shop or library) – $200

Each session includes unlimited email exchanges between sessions. Payment is due prior to the session. Sessions may be scheduled as needed or a monthly schedule may be prearranged.

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