How much is Mediation?

Mediation starts with a FREE 30 minute consultation for each party. During that conversation, Jenny will identify the necessary steps to move forward with the mediation. Mediation is charged either hourly or as a global package.

The hourly rate option is best suited for couples who need a finite service, such as a straightforward modification of a Parenting Plan or Child Support Order. The hourly rate is $250.00.

The global package option is recommended for the initial divorce process and more complex modifications of existing Parenting Plans, Child Support Orders or Marital Settlement Agreements. The global package includes 8 hours of mediation time, preparation of all necessary documents, and unlimited email, phone and text support as it relates to scheduling, the mediation process, and general mediation matters. Contact Jenny for your global package price as pricing is dependent on your case’s complexity.

After the Mediation

After all family matters have been resolved and the necessary documents have been drafted, you will file the document package with the family court. Jenny can provide general direction on how to begin the process. Once the documents have been filed, a Final Hearing will be scheduled with a judge to conclude the family case.

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