Pricing and Services


  • Married couples with dependent children
  • Married couples without children or grown children
  • Non-married couples with dependent children
  • Same sex couples with dependent children
  • Parent needing to modify an existing Parenting Plan, custody / time-sharing schedule, or child support order


Mediation is charged at a rate of $200.00 an hour. There is a 2 hour minimum for the first session, which is due at the beginning of the session. Any time over the two hours is charged in 1/2 hour (or any part thereof) increments of $100.00.

All charges for time over the two hours are due at the conclusion of the session even if an agreement is not reached. Payment may be in the form of cash or check. Typically, the parties equally share in the cost of mediation. More than one mediation session may be necessary, but is wholly dependent on the cooperation of the parties.


If a settlement agreement is reached, your attorney will file it with the court. However, if you are acting pro se, your next step is to prepare the necessary court documents and file them along with your mediated agreement with the court. You can obtain form packets with the necessary documents at the courthouse or file them online through the Clerk of Court’s self service web application. Once the necessary documents are filed with the court, a Final Hearing will be scheduled with the judge to conclude the case. If you would like assistance preparing and filing this paperwork, inquire with Jenny for further information.

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