Mediation Process


Mediation is a fair and impartial process, whereby the mediator acts as a facilitator between the two parties. The mediator assists the parties in reaching decisions regarding their family issues. The mediator, however, does not make the final decision.

Mediation puts the decision-making powers into your hands. By using a mediator, you have chosen to control your own fate and not leave it to a judge, who does not know the depth of your family dynamic or the value of your possessions. Mediation lets YOU BECOME THE JUDGE!

Mediation is for families who want to work together in resolving their issues. The goal is to create a win-win for both parties.


Mediation is a low cost and efficient alternative to the family dissolution process. Typically, a family court case can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars and up to a year or more in court. Mediation can resolve all the family issues in one day for a mere fraction of the cost. More importantly, mediation can help maintain a calm environment and bring back the harmony to your family.


Prior to the meeting, your attorney or you if you are pro se will have a free telephone consultation with the mediator to briefly discuss the issues to be mediated and select a date and time for the mediation. During the actual session, the parties will meet together and openly discuss and negotiate all the family issues with the mediator. This entire process is confidential unless the mediator is required by  law to make certain disclosures. After all the issues have been resolved, the mediator will draft the agreement. This agreement will be binding in court.

  •  Prior to signing the agreement, it is highly recommended that the parties seek legal advice, if they have not already, regarding the contents of the agreement. A mediator can not provide legal advice about your rights and responsibilities.
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